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Jaipur Sariska Same Day Tour


Jaipur to Sariska Same Day Tour & Packages

Sariska Tiger Reserve is another celebrated land for tiger conservation situated nearby the Alwar City of Rajasthan. From Jaipur, Sariska demands only a two-hour drive and can be best enjoyed during the summers of Rajasthan (except the months of June & July). The distance of 107 km from Jaipur makes it a hotspot destination for wildlife adventures. The confirmed sightings due to the high population of tigers make it a great weekend getaway destination and a suggestible pick to pair with Golden Triangle Tour cities

Wanting an oasis from Jaipur's hectic pace? Sariska Tiger Reserve is a wonderful natural Jaipur Sariska Same Day Tour destination for adventurers and eco-tourists, thus, plan a one day trip there. In the heart of the Aravalli Hills lies a magnificent reserve that will astound you with its historical allure, varied wildlife, and fantastic scenery.

A Habitat for the Tiger Family:

Sariska Tiger Reserve was the first tiger reserve to reintroduce tigers. Go on an exciting jeep safari, with your vehicle while keeping a lookout for the lovely Bengal tigers as they roam peacefully in their natural environment. However, the reserve's beauty goes much beyond these dangerous stripe animals. 

Outside of the Tiger:

The reserve is home to a wide variety of animals in a healthy environment. Among the many animals you should keep an eye out for are the striped hyena, the elegant chital deer, the magnificent sambhar deer, and the elusive Indian leopard. Attention, birdwatchers! Grey birds of prey, white-throated kingfishers, Indian peacocks, and the secretive bush dove are just a few of the rare bird beauties that call this reserve habitat home.

A Time to Tour & Adventure:

Besides animal watching, fans of history may also visit the magnificent Kankwadi Fort, the tranquil Temple of Neelkanth, the enthralling Pandupol Hanumanji Temple, and the ruins of the ancient Sariska Palace. As you explore, you'll hear the secrets of a bygone age spoken by each monument.

How to Arrange a Jaipur Sariska Same Day Tour?

One day treks to Sariska Tiger Reserve are offered by several tour providers in Jaipur. Basics included in these safari packages include a local guide, park admission fees, and comfortable car rental services from Jaipur.

Getting the most out of your one day trip experience:

Get plenty of time on the day so you can see as much of the reserve as appropriate. The morning is when a lot of trips leave Jaipur.
Wear Shoes and Clothes That You Can Walk In Choose shoes and clothing that are easy on the feet and that endure rough terrain. Be sure to bring your camera! Take pictures of the amazing fauna and stunning landscapes you see.

Be courteous to the wildlife: You are only a visitor to their natural environment. Listen carefully, don't make any sudden movements, and stick to your guide's directions.

A Memorable Day Outing:

An adventure you won't soon forget begins with a day excursion from Jaipur to Sariska Tiger Reserve. As you create lifelong memories in the great outdoors, allow yourself to be enamored by nature's beauty. Gather your courage and prepare to be enchanted by Sariska's breathtaking scenery!

Detail Itinerary


With your pick up from the hotel or pick up point the tour will begin. The escorting tour driver will take you to the pre-booked hotel where after getting freshen up you will kick start the jungle tour.

The safari will be divided in two parts, the morning safari and evening safari. The major sightings during this tour will include cheetal, sambar deer, others, blue bulls, striped hyena and many other exotic species. After finishing the first half of the tour you will be taken back to the resort/hotel for lunch. Lunch is an inclusive part of the tour. 

Soon after the lunch the evening tour of the park will resume in the remaining zones. 

The Siliserh Lake and Jaisamand Lake are counted among the sightseeing attractions in this region. After taking a picturesque tour you will be transferred back to the hotel/resort in Jaipur. This tour will come to an end with your drop off. 


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